Our friends at Diigo have experienced the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, China in a very personal way, as their research and development office is located 90 km from the epicenter. They featured this haunting photo at their blog, emphasizing the horrifying loss, destruction and upheaval (more photos here).

(Source: http://www.chinareviewnews.com)

We send our best wishes to everyone at Diigo.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, devastating our own beautiful and sultry state of Louisiana, I was teaching an Anglo-Saxon elegiac form of poetry to high school seniors. I posted a link to an article in the New York Times, so they could read stories of personal tragedy caused by the hurricane, and then asked them to write an elegy using assonance and alliteration. They downloaded photos from Google images and made posters with their poems to display at back-to-school night.


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