the history of now

You know how our brains are always working away to improve our lesson plans? How we’re always on guard for new information to add to, or replace, the old? How we’re constantly seeking for that elusive key to student understanding better known as ‘relevancy?’ Well, I just stumbled across a piece of it, a small piece to add to my Literature of the Middle-Ages, Canterbury Tales lesson plans. This just out from yesterday’s Wikipedia home page:

Sark was previously considered the last feudal state in Europe,[3] as fiefdom existed until April 2008

What is Sark, you say? Well, it’s an island located in the English Channel. And, until this month, its government continued to operate much as it had since Queen Elizabeth’s reign in 1565. It has been a fiefdom all this time. Wow. Here’s what the BBC reports about this historic event.

I don’t know about you, but for me this ranks right up there with finding dino DNA.