narrative literacy

We’ve all heard the term ‘media literacy’ but what does it actually mean? My thoughts are that we are still inventing the definition, so we find many creative iterations of the term. Penguin books, ever hopeful of engendering a new generation of readers, who don’t read (according to Steve Jobs), has developed an interactive narrative in We Tell Stories: Six authors. Six stories. Six weeks.

The story starts out on a Google map of London at Pancras Station. We read the bubbles over map locations and follow the steps of the protagonist as he progresses through the story. There is a puzzle involved and we get the clues as we read. Gimmicky? A bit. And, for those of us who love traditional book literacy for how we become lost in a narrative, this is a decidedly different experience.

But it’s part of the experiment. Books, after all, are merely narrative. And, how we deliver the story can vary, as this particular vehicle demonstrates.